Whole Child Education

Growing belonging, autonomy, competence, responsibility, independence, voice

Shanghai Huaer Collegiate School employs a blended Chinese and American curriculum that combines a drive for academic excellence within a whole child education program designed to nurture healthy, globally aware young adults.

Learning with Huaer Collegiate truly is a process. Each stage of education prepares the scholar for the next, from preschool through Grade 12 and onto college. Scholars who spend their entire school life with us benefit from the continual and consistent support that only a progressive curriculum can provide.

Academic and student life combined

We believe scholars’ emotional and academic wellbeing together empowers them to achieve their ultimate success in life. Therefore, our educational process combines two major, complementary programs: the academic program and the student life program.

Academic program

Our academic program is integrated across all of our divisions and is adapted appropriately to cater to scholars’ differing ages and changing educational needs. Common across all divisions and age groups is our ongoing adherence to:

Chinese and American Curriculum Standards

We follow a blend of the leading American national curriculum standards and the Chinese national standards to design and deliver our educational program.

Research-Based Instruction

Our educational program is grounded in evidence-based theories of education, using curriculum frameworks from China, America and England.

International Educators

Approximately 50% of our experienced, professionally trained and credentialed educators are English speakers from the US or other countries.

Dual Language Immersion (DLI)

As soon as scholars start in preschool we encourage age-appropriate use of both Chinese and English in order to develop and continually strengthen scholars’ language acquisition and retention.

Personalized Learning Plans (PLP)

Scholars from Elementary School and upwards each have a PLP to truly personalize learning and raise achievement academically.